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What is a Strategic Learning Contract

The Strategic Learning Contract

  1. The process of a person writing a strategic learning contract allows for a negotiation around learning needs – and the optimum way to meet them. The document is more than a personal development plan, as it requires greater rigour and a more strategic approach to learning.

  2. This process is not just a key to human capital development as it can also contribute to better working relationships in the organisation. As one Managing Director put it: ‘Now that all the Directors have learning contracts, when there is a work problem we can sit down and look at it from a learning perspective. This makes our discussions less defensive and more productive – we look at how to improve and prevent mistakes in the future as opposed to having arguments about who is to blame.’

  3. Strategic learning contracts do, though, need careful crafting. Merely writing down a few hurried learning goals and thinking some random courses will meet them is a grave error – and very wasteful.